Ampier Figma Plugin

  • Download and install the plugin from the Figma community.
  • Create a new design file and open the Ampier plugin.
  • Click on the Create Blank Email button.
  • After you create a frame you can start using the plugin's predefined assets which are the building blocks of your future emails.
  • Plugin’s assets are grouped by categories: Blocks, Headers, Images, Texts, Buttons, Footers and AMP. Put assets on the selected frame. Entire email could be created in a couple of clicks, you only need to change texts and images.
  • Also, you could use standalone predefined assets for the Ampier’s plugin. Choose and edit the assets according to your needs.
  • Alternatively, you can create a custom email following the rules of Auto Layout by Figma
  • When you are done editing, open the Ampier plugin, select the root frame of your email, and click on the Render Email button.
  • Ampier plugin for Figma works only with auto layout frames. Plugin will show you the alert message if something goes wrong.
  • When the rendering completes, you will be able to check if your email layout has been rendered correctly, see how the dark mode works and how the email responds to the change of the screen size.
  • You can download the email you created as an archive (HTML files with images) by clicking on the Download button. You can also copy the code of the current email version (HTML or AMP) to the clipboard, see the code, and make a screenshot of the email (by clicking on the Capture screenshot button). You can also compress the code by pressing the Show code switcher and then turn the Compress code switcher on. The plugin will let you know if it is necessary by highlighting the file’s size.
    You can save the current email layout as a campaign in your Ampier account.